Fortnite Best Landing Spots

Fortnite Best Landing Spots: Fortnite’s map can look quite daunting at first, but this guide to the best locations and places to land should help clear up the best places to go!
Updated: January 5, 2019 – Author: Evident

If you are just starting out in Fortnite it might be difficult at first to know where to land. This guide of the Best Landing Spots in Fortnite for Season 7 to target should clear up any confusion and hopefully get you closer to a victory!

Where is Everyone Landing?

Tilted Towers is still one of the hottest landing spots, but a lot of people are landing in the new snow biome. Frosty Flight is a hot spot due to the amount of plane spawns. Most areas that commonly have planes are going to be popular now. Happy Hamlet is kind of like a mini Tilted Towers, but it is pretty far south and not as popular as some of the other options.

Where You Shouldn’t Land

Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Haunted Hills, Junk Junction, and Flush Factory are probably some of the worst landing spots in the game. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t get looted out and get a win if you land at these spots, but for various reasons they are poor locations. I’ll go into more detail…

Wailing Woods: Awkward spot to land, with not a ton of loot to speak of unless you really run around the entire forest area going for lesser known chests. Most action centers around the hedge maze in the center, but this is a slow area and can take a while to loot fully. You do have access to a lot of mushrooms for extra shield and trees for harvesting, but overall it’s just not worth it.

Lonely Lodge: Another area that is just kind of awkward with chests scattered around. It’s slightly better these days because you can transition over to the superhero mansion that is south of it, but if you get a bad circle you are going to be having to run for a long time. This is one of the common weaknesses to areas that are on the edges of the map.

Haunted Hills: Decent if you are solo, but overall it doesn’t have enough loot to support a duo or a squad. Can be kind of a pain to run around and collect all of the chests, and is particularly weak if the circle is bad because you don’t have a great way to travel quickly.

Junk Junction: Again, this isn’t a bad spot for getting loot, but it’s very far away from everything. If the circle is on the far side of the map you are going to be traveling the entirety of the game. There’s also limited resources, it does have palettes of wood, but you’ll have to hit trees along the way to really get enough resources.


What you are mostly looking for when you land is a spot that has good loot and doesn’t have a ton of people. You would generally prefer a few enemies floating around so you can kill them and round up their supplies, but you don’t want so much that you are fighting to grab a pistol and getting rushed by multiple people with shotguns. I’m breaking up the section into more populated and less populated areas. It is really personal preference on how you like to play the game, but if you really want to improve I recommend seeking action so you can get better at building and combat under fire.

If you’re curious where the following map images with chest locations on them came from check out this site.


These are the better areas to drop to if you are looking for action and good loot. I only recommend these areas if you are experienced with the game and you have all of the basics down, such as building, looting quickly, and have a good handle on the weapons.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsA lot of people land here and there’s a good reason for it… It has a ton of loot! There’s loot everywhere, and the buildings are huge so each floor has the potential to have something good on it. The problem is that because a lot of people land here so you’ll have to watch out for people from just about every angle. Your best bet it to scope out a roof with a gun and quickly make sure you can grab it before anyone else.

If you are able to grab something quickly, look for someone to quickly kill to make sure they can’t grab a gun themselves or use a shield that you could be drinking. Don’t stay on any roof for too long, because you could easily get shot from many different spots. You’ll also find corner buildings your best bet, this limits the areas you can get shot at from.

Tilted Towers is a popular place among people who aren’t as proficient at building. You can use a lot of the natural walls and cover instead of having to build everything yourself. If you are looking to play this way, always be aggressively trying to take battles where you can hold the right side view. If you didn’t know, being able to peek on the right is far bigger advantage due to how the camera is placed over your right shoulder. Peeking to your left, you’ll be far more exposed and it takes long to take a shot. You’ll notice that really good players look to always peek on their right.

Another thing to be careful of is people shooting at you from the surrounding mountains. The southern mountain that overlooks the towers is notorious for stragglers that will come from the south part of the map.

Paradise Palms

This was a new addition to the map in the Season 5 update. It’s in the desert biome that use to be Moisty Mire. I actually really like this place, but it can be very popular so be ready to fight immediately. There’s a ton of houses with lots of chests in the area. You will also be able to find ATKs (golf carts) scattered around, plus rifts that launch you into the air so you can glide spawn here in the north west corner of the town.

Retail Row

Once the most popular area to land is now much less frequented with the addition of the extremely popular Tilted Towers and other new areas. This popularity swing might start to wane in the future, but Retail is an extremely good spot to land with really good loot all around. It also allows you to rotate to Salty Springs or Dusty Divot and pick off some of the people that decided to land there.

Retail has two different distinct areas: houses & black tops (grocery store area). I find that houses are generally pretty reliable for loot, but can get awkward with a lot of players landing there. “Lebron’s House” (house with the basketball court) is a hot spot and has potential for chests in the attics of the house and garage, but can also spawn a chest in the dog house. The busted house to the west of LeBron’s is one of my favorite spots because the chest almost always spawns in the roof, and you can fall down one of the holes in the attic to another area with a chest.

The black top area is pretty good as well, you can go right for the water tower and pick up the chest allowing you to potentially shoot people who drop in the open. The roof on black top area on the east has a good potential for gun spawns so consider diving on one of those. The other black top area with the supermarket has a truck in the back that commonly has a chest, but right behind that in the garage area there can be a chest spawn right above the garage door.

Salty Springs

Salty is kind of popular by default because it’s kind of right in the middle of the map. There’s rarely a game where this town is too far from the bus path. It’s pretty small but does have enough loot to support a few players. Fights can get pretty crazy here, so just be ready for a battle if you decide to land here.

Frosty Flight & Happy Hamlet

These are new areas added in Season 7 and are both in the snow biome. Frosty Flights is obviously popular due to the amount of plane spawns it has. Planes are extremely powerful in the game right now, so grabbing one and flying off is a good strategy. You can head to anywhere on the map and loot safely and not worry about the storm.

Happy Hamlet is like a mini version of Tilted Towers. There’s a lot of buildings and areas to grab loot from, so you can get some good weaponry and get yourself in some fights early on.


If you’re looking for good spots that have loot but less people dropping then these are good areas. Keep in mind that these areas are more populated when the bus is driving right over them, so “less populated” just largely means people aren’t landing their consistently. These are areas you can land if you are looking specifically to win the game. Winning games largely involves NOT running into a lot of people, and playing defensively for the most part.

Nutcracker House

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsIf you head to this unmarked location on the map you can potentially be greeted with three chest spawns around the Christmas tree. After you’ve looted the house, you can farm up the trees that are nearby and head down to Frosty Flights to grab a plane or take out anyone who is still hanging around. You can also take a zipline over to the viking village if you feel like it hasn’t been looted.

Trog’s Cave

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsThis spot might be a bit more popular now that there was a secret battle star here, but Trog’s Cave has the possibility of three chests. You want to land right where the circle is in that cluster of trees. There’s a possible chest spawn in the middle of it, and a hole leading to the cave. On top of Trog’s hut can yield a chest, and inside of it as well. There’s also a plane that’s hung up by roots, but it is pretty difficult to get out.

I would only bother with it if you don’t have anyone else around you. You should harvest up those trees surrounding the hole for some great resources. There’s a plane spawn to the northwest if you are in desperate need of transportation.

Snowman Face

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsThis one is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and there isn’t any great transportation directly nearby. I’d only go for this one if you really don’t want to fight anyone straight away. There’s what looks to be a snowman’s face in the snow made with boulders. On the eyes, there’s a possibility of chest spawns. From there, you are surrounded by small huts and things to loot and can make your way east to Happy Hamlet or some of the other unnamed locations.

Haunted Castle

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsThe Castle was created during Halloween of 2018 is now dilapidated, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good loot to be found. You can find around four chest spawns here. You can head to a rift to the north to move on, or head down to Haunted Hills for more loot. To the east on the mountain can be a potential plane at the red tent area.

Pleasant Park Overlook

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsOverlooking Pleasant Park is a red tent area that has three potential chests and multiple airplane spawns. One of the chest spawns is right outside, and the other two are on the interior. There’s a couple of trees to hack down, but the weakness of this area is the lack of resources. You can then grab a plane and look for more loot, or start firing down on people in Pleasant Park. Another option is to ride the ziplines down towards the north side of the map, or take the rift that spawns near the ziplines.

North Eastern Hangar

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsThis is another spot that has transportation and a bunch of potential loot. There’s an airplane spawn right on the runway, you can find a chest in the back of the hangar, and there’s more chests to be found in the house and spawn in the truck or silo. The resources are not bad here, there’s quite a bit of fence and trees to hack through. You can head to the ice cream truck for another chest. To the north near the NOMS sign, there’s a rift for you to use if the plane doesn’t spawn.

You can also head to what used to be Risky Reels and is now known as “The Block.” This area changes now and again, so it will depend on what style it is at the moment and if anyone else has landed there.

RV Park

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsIs quality spot for getting resources and getting looted up. The one missing aspect to this drop is that there’s no immediate transportation. You can climb up north for the red tent area that has airplane spawns, but that’s likely going to be taken pretty quickly. The safer option is to head south towards the desert biome and use one of the rifts there.

The best place to start here is on the big red barn and hack through the roof. You can get two quick chest spawns here, and from there you can loot around. There’s a fair amount of trees and fence here, and if you are looking for metal you can carve up the vehicles!

South of Paradise Palms (Mexico or Westworld)

Fortnite Best Landing SpotsI’d say this is more of a mid-tier popular place to land due to it being popularized by Tfue. It is mostly known as Westworld, after the HBO television show that partially takes place in a western setting. There’s a ton of chests to loot here, so getting looted is pretty easy in this area. There’s a lot of various things you can harvest to get your resources up, you should come out of this place with full shield and a nice loadout.