Fortnite Pistol Tips Guide: You might currently see a pistol in-game and shake your head in disgust, but we’re hear to tell you that they are underrated and let you in on the secrets to getting the most out of these guns in Fortnite!
Updated: January 15, 2019 – Author: Evident

Pistols in Fortnite: Battle Royale are one of the most largely overlooked weapons in the game. From the regular pistol, all the way to the hand cannon, our guide is going to take you through the ins-and-outs of these potentially powerful weapon in hopes of increasing your pistol proficiency!


There are currently five different pistols with a variety of different rarities at the moment.

Dual Pistols
Suppressed Pistol
Hand Cannon
Scoped Revolver


Pistols have a 2x damage multiplier and have First Shot Accuracy (if you hold ads and stand still your crosshairs will come together and that next shot will be 100% accurate as long as you don’t move).

Six Shooter (VAULTED)

The Six Shooter is similar to the Revolver, but you can shoot faster from the hip while you aren’t staring down the sights. If you do ADS, then you’ll have accurate shots quite quickly.

Six Shooter (Uncommon): 34 to the body, 68 head shot damage.
Six Shooter (Rare): 36 to the body, 72 head shot damage.
Six Shooter (Epic): 38 to the body, 76 head shot damage.

Dual Pistols

The pistols fire at the same time but don’t have the ability for first shot accuracy. A bit RNG-ish due to bloom, but can be quite powerful. They use medium ammo.

The rarities of the Dual Pistols were reduced from Epic and Legendary to Rare and Epic in the 5.4 Patch.

Dual Pistol (Rare) – 41 to the body, 82 head shot damage.
Dual Pistol (Epic) – 43 to the body, 86 head shot damage.
Pistol Stats
Largely regarded as one of the worst guns in Fortnite. You are rarely ever happy to see one of these as your first weapon.

The Rare Pistol was removed from the game in the 5.4 Patch.

Pistol (Common) – 23 to the body, 46 head shot damage.
Pistol (Uncommon) – 24 to the body, 48 head shot damage.

Revolver Stats (VAULTED)

The revolver is a pretty skill intensive weapon and requires extreme accuracy to be functional. However, it did get a lot better with the first shot accuracy update which allows you to hit head shots much easier if you get enough time to take the shot.

The Revolver was added to the Fortnite Vault in the 5.4 Patch.

Revolver (Common) – 54 to the body, 108 head shot damage.
Revolver (Uncommon) – 57 to the body, 114 head shot damage.
Revolver (Rare) – 60 to the body, 120 head shot damage.

Suppressed Pistol

A bit of an underrated gun in my eyes, if you have a weak loadout, this can compliment it in a pinch as a second or third option. It shoots quite quickly, and is a lot more accurate than the standard pistol.

The Suppressed Pistol had its rarities reduces from Epic and Legendary to Rare and Epic in the 5.4 Patch.

Suppressed Pistol (Rare) – 26 to the body, 52 head shot damage.
Suppressed Pistol (Epic) – 28 to the body, 56 head shot damage.

Hand Cannon Stats

A gun that was very good in the right hands previously, but got a whole lot better with the first shot accuracy and structure damage updates. The hand cannon can one-shot people at 150 hp with a head shot, which is going to be the hp of the majority of people you face. This can do quite a bit of damage at distance as well, it’s a great option for leading off your shot against an opponent that might be standing still. You can also now blow out a wood structure in one shot, and can take down brick and metal if they were freshly built.

Hand Cannon (Epic) – 75 to the body, 150 head shot damage.
Hand Cannon (Legendary) – 78 to the body, 156 head shot damage.

Scoped Revolver Stats

The Scoped Revolver adds a more mid to long range option for the pistol class. While it is still going to lag behind the Hand Cannon in effectiveness, it fits kind of a niche spot as a midrange option when you are lacking in the spot in your loadout.

Scoped Revolver (Epic) – 42 to the body, 84 head shot damage.
Scoped Revolver (Legendary) – 44 to the body, 88 head shot damage.


I’ve grouped up the pistols where I feel like they mostly overlap. However, the suppressed pistol and the hand cannon are the far superior guns.

Pistol & Suppressed Pistol Tips
Kind of obvious, but always aim at the head. You aren’t going to finish people off quick and win against a shotgun if you aren’t hitting head shots. A body shot and two head shots will finish a 100 hp enemy in the beginning of the game with a gray pistol. This will be a common scenario if you play a lot, so get used to using the pistol if you have a chance.
Hand Cannon Tips
Be very deliberate with your shot because you have a pretty significant delay between shots. You might only get one shot with one of these if you are in a close range battle.
Try to take advantage of the first shot accuracy as much as possible. This gun does a significant amount of damage to the head, so unless you know the person is injured that’s where you should be aiming.
While you won’t get a fully accurate shot, try to sneak out of cover and snap off a shot if possible. You are essentially using these like a shotgun that has better range.
This compliments the shotgun very well in close range fights. You can blow out a wall with the hand cannon then switch to the shotgun to take a quick shot at your enemy.