Fortnite Weapons Guide for Battle Royale

Fortnite Weapons Guide

Fortnite Weapons Guide: Fortnite Battle Royale is now free-to-play on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, allowing those who don’t own the full Fortnite game to experience its new survival mode for the low price of absolutely nothing.

Those who are just hopping into the game will immediately notice that it’s very similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, one key difference between PUBG and Fortnite  is how the latter approaches its weaponry. Fortnite’s guns represented by, colored orbs that indicate their respective power levels.

Fortnite Weapons Guide:

Fortnite Battle Royale’s weapons tiers are clearly divided using five colors, starting from gray (the weakest) and ending in orange (the strongest). Here’s how they rank:

Gray – Common
Pistol Common
Green – Uncommon
Pistol Uncommon
Blue – Rare
Assault Rifle (Burst) Rare
Purple – Epic
Assault Rifle (Burst Rare)
Orange – Legendary
Rocket Launcher Legendary

With players immediately having access to five inventory slots (excluding the one reserved for your pick axe). There only being a handful of medical supplies you need as opposed to PUBG‘s slew of pain killers, energy drinks and health packs. In Fortnite you can stack up on a weapon for every occasion without necessarily having to drop any of your best guns. But which guns should you prioritize?

Fortnite Best Guns

The best weapons in the game by far are the sniper rifles. If you get your hands on a Legendary sniper, you’ve got the upper-hand on all of your rivals, with most encounters in the game taking place mid- to long-range and it therefore allowing you to pick off enemies from a distance without a bullet so much as grazing your leg. Legendary snipers can knock off other players in one hit, so managing to bag yourself one of them gives you a huge tactical advantage.

Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t feature any weapon attachments, so fitting a scope onto your auto-rifle isn’t a possibility, making less valuable than they are in PUBG. If you want to be ready for the majority of combat scenarios, you instead want to try to arm yourself with a high-end sniper rifle and shotgun, on top of hunting out meds and shield potions that can be the difference maker between you making it to the end of the round, and unceremoniously being ousted at the start of the game.